The 15 best one-pan meals

The 15 best one-pan meals

One-pan meals ready in under an hour are the saviour of the busy working week. Fast, flavour-packed and easy to clean up. With this collection of 15 dinners that are quick, delicious and most importantly made in just one-pan we’ve got your next 3 weeks Monday-Friday menu sorted!

The 15 Best One Pan Meals | The Fare Sage

Life’s about to get crazy around here. In a matter of days I return to full-time employment after a wonderful 12 months of parental leave. Two working parents and two kids in childcare just sounds exhausting! But I’m determined to stick to my real-food philosophy and avoid serving up packaged or store-bought foods for our dinners as much as possible. Enter the one-pan dinner!

One-pan meals are fantastic for mid-week. Often they can be prepped the night before and then simply popped in the oven or on the stove an hour before dinner time and left alone to do their thing. Or they’re super fast to prep and cook in just minutes making a perfect meal on a busy night. These 15 one-pan meals are going to sustain us over the next few weeks as we make the transition to our new way of life. I hope there’s something here to help you make it through the week too!

One-pot Beef Stroganoff from Fresh off The Grid

I love a good stroganoff with all that creamy, mushroomy, beefy deliciousness and making it all in one pan makes it even better!


One-pan chorizo chicken from The Fare Sage

This is one of my all time favourite recipes that I’ve published on the blog. Its long overdue for some flash new photos but its such a wonderful dish I had to include it here. We eat it regularly, and Mum makes it often when having guests over. Smoky paprika coated chicken, spicy chorizo, rich sun-dried tomatoes all in garlic, herb and lemon pan juices. Its so so so good. And so so so simple.

One Pan Chorizo Chicken

Shrimp Chow Mein from Omnivore’s Cookbook

Stir-fry dinners are so delicious and easy. This shrimp (prawn) chow mien is a must-try for mid-week. I like to keep a bag of raw peeled prawns in the freezer for recipes just like this.


30 minute coconut chicken and rice from Scratch Eats

This combination of coconut, chicken and kale, seasoned with garlic and ginger makes my mouth water just thinking about it!



Gluten-Free salmon piccata from Seasonal Cravings

You know me and salmon! I’ll find any way I can to add it to our menu and this salmon picatta with white wine, lemon and garlic is too good to ignore.



Brazilian Flair one-pot wild rice and chicken from Brazilian Flair in the USA

Wild rice is fabulous, and cooked with brazilian spices and chicken, then topped with guacamole, I can already tell this one is going to become one of our favourites.



Pork Belly Miso Soup with rice from The Missing Lokness

Miso soup – yes! Pork belly – yes! Poached egg – yes! This wonderfully delicious sounding, and so simple, soup has been missing from my life.



Spicy sausage pasta skillet from Caroline’s Cooking

This glorious pasta using your favourite spicy sausage with tomatoes and red pepper is the ultimate comfort food dish. And only 7 ingredients!



One-pot harissa chicken with chickpeas and yoghurt from Platings and Pairings

The warm spices of harissa would be magical with the succulent chicken and nutty chickpeas in this beautiful meal. Served with some harissa yoghurt sauce on the side, this is one stylish dinner.



Easy chickpea and spinach curry from Runnin Srilankan

And while I’m thinking about chickpeas, I love a chickpea curry. The combination of spices and coconut with the chickpeas in this delicious curry sound amazing. And its ready in just 30 minutes!



One-pan herbed lemon chicken and veggies from Innocent Delight

Masses of herbs, chicken with lemon and the veggies all cooked in the same pan – it really doesn’t get any simpler than this. What a sensational mid-week meal this would be!



Spinach and sausage one-pan alfredo from Kleinworth & Co

Rich and creamy, this one-pan spinach and sausage pasta is so easy and so satisfying. This one you’ll make again and again.



Pan-fried five spice pork and peaches from The Flavor Bender

Pork and fruit match perfectly and the addition of five spice makes this one-pan meal quite heavenly!



Butternut squash risotto with mushroom from Savory Tooth

A collection of one-pan meals just wouldn’t be complete without a delicious risotto. This beautiful vegetarian option using butternut and mushroom sounds amazing. And the best thing about this recipe is it shows you how to make you own vegetable stock. Magic.



Shakshuka – Spicy Tomato Baked Eggs from Foodie Quine

Eggs aren’t just for breakfast! Eggs gently baked in a spicy tomato and potato sauce with fresh herbs makes a healthy and hearty (and quick!) dinner.
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