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Raspberry slice with lime and coconut

Raspberry slice with lime and coconut | The Fare Sage


  1. Laura says:

    Welcome back Liz I thought I hadn’t seen your posts around for a while!

    1. Thanks Laura 🙂 yes this full-time working mum of two plus blogger is proving a bit of a balancing act….. 😉

  2. It looks so yummy ! I am the same, rainy days calls for fancy baking, a slice, a tary or a mousse. I did a similar slice but I love love the addition of lime zest in the coconut top and juice in the jam ! I must try that in my next batch. Your talented Lis ! Keep sharing your lovely recipes.

    1. Thank you Carine! That’s very sweet. My version is a little more ‘naughty’ than yours 😉 The lime is a wonderful addition – I hope you like it! Let me know if you need some limes x

  3. Amanda says:

    This slice looks so yum, Lis. X

    1. Thanks 😘 the lime really makes it, I think.

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